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What is pre18?

pre18 is a program dedicated to help innovative early stage Puerto Rican startups, that have global potential, to get to market. #PalMundo

The opportunity to expand your business to global markets.

What’s our purpose?

We believe in the Puerto Rican inventive and that entrepreneurship is the road to the island’s economic recovery. With this in mind, it was evident that local efforts needed to be doubled and we developed a pre18 focuses on helping emerging entrepreneurs to develop their Puerto Rican businesses and get them to local and global markets.

How do we help?

pre18 offers a US$20,000 grant for up to 40 Puerto Rican companies. The program’s purpose is to help them turn their MVP into a business with global possibilities. The selected companies will participate in an intensive pre-acceleration program that offers workshops, talks, and mentorship on topics that will help them determine the future of their business. At the same time, they must show their progress on the goals they set together with the pre18 team.

The chance to get more money to grow

When your business participates in pre18, you’re preparing it for parallel18 and the possibility to receive an additional US$40,000 grant (if the company is selected to participate in P18.)

We want to take your ingenuity from here to the world #PALMUNDO

So, what kind of company can apply?

Any business that was founded in the last three years and has an MVP of their product. In addition, their concept needs to have a functional and innovative component that can be marketed in and outside of Puerto Rico.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, we only ask you to be 100% committed to your startup. For this to happen, your team has to be completely focused on the project; execute the goals set at the beginning of the program; comply with the hours of mentorship and any other activity aimed to pre-accelerate their companies.



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